DIOR announces new platform during their Skincare Scientific Summit

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by Courtesy of CHRISTIAN DIOR PARFUMS | 25 October, 2017

House Dior visits Asia for the second time for motif of its annual DIOR SKINCARE SCIENTIFIC SUMMIT. In this opportunity, they revealed CAPTURE YOUTH, their revolutionary Dior Care specially made for those who embrace the progress of predictive medicine and the latest advances in antioxidation.

The Dior Skincare Scientific Summit 2017 will evaluate the advantages of the Dior Science in the presence of researchers from the LVMH Laboratories and other renowned scientists.
Capture Youth will be the opportunity to highlight the visionary alliance introduced by Dior between predictive medicine and the cosmetic domain. They designed a platform ( to experience the scientific advances of Dior researchers. With this privileged tool, there are four thematic which are regularly updated and explore the pioneering advances of this new generation treatment: “THE STUDY”, “ANTICIPATION”, “DISCOVERY” and “ACTIVE ANTIOXIDATION”. These reasearches will contribute to explain the importance of active antioxidation and the anticipation of old age.

This conference will also realize Dior’s growing commitment to sustainability and eco-responsibility, especially as regards skincare.