Giuseppe Zanotti presents its new capsule collection

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 12 June, 2017



Giuseppe Zanotti presents its capsule collection “The Backstage”, a special offer for the Fall-Winter 2017 season, designed for men, women and children. The collection is inspired by the exciting magic of a first concert musical collection, it combines the incomparable Giuseppe Zanotti style and an urban look that is widely referenced to the world of the street.

The mini-collection embodies perfection the indissociable qualities of the brand’s DNA: Creativity, refinement, research and avant-garde aesthetics. The project, is characterized by a finish with a velvety texture and in saturated colors, obtained by a manufacturing process called flocking. The collection consists of two models, a women’s sandal and a mid-top sneaker for woman, man and child. Finally, a pouch for men and another for the woman.

MISS UNFINISHED, the sandal, represents the innovation and contemporary elegance of the brand. This sculpted model is distinguished by its heel, invisible, but perfectly stable. The heel seems-in appearance only-defy the laws of gravity and offers to the woman who wears it an extremely sensual and sophisticated silhouette.

“This sandal evokes the feminine silhouette” “There is harmony in his sculpted profile. It is as if there was an imaginary line that connected the heel to the ankle, creating a kind of extension of the leg, the whole giving to the woman a natural elegance and slender “.   –Giuseppe Zanotti