Jil Sander unveils its first collection imagined by Lucie and Luke Meier

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 24 June, 2017


Jil Sander presents his 2018 women’s collection and the spring-summer 2018 men’s collection. Both imagined by his two new artistic directorsthe couple, Lucie and Luke Meier. Their faithful collaboration brings a unique dynamic to the Brand. They share the taste for shapes, sensations, intentions and effects. They create a visión with a resolutely pure design.

These first collections bring a new identity to the aesthetics of Jil Sander. Ideas remain familiar, the proportions are projected by permanent duality between rigorous and relaxed design. The expressions of volumes create a connection with the body. Quality and innovation coexist everywhere.

Silhouettes delicately the sensual precision of the sense of the body, the inner part of the seam is the mark of a technique full of freshness, decorative details have an intent. A folk influence, exempt of reference, and accessories that emphasize the purity of the form instinctively channel the values ​​that resonate today. The logo of Jil Sander has become a fine nylon t-shirt.

We feel personally attached to Jil Sander, so our vision is as deeply rooted as it is forward-looking,” ,”The brand has its own DNA, but it’s more about following a design approach than specific codes – like having carte blanche, but in a context. ” –-Luke Meier

“The idea is to innovate in a sustainable way. We have created pieces to which we identify, to which we attribute a soul.”   -Lucie Meier