Playful and spontaneous, Acne Studios presents the F/W 2017 collection

by PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 7 March, 2017

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“I wanted to make a playful and spontaneous collection that is alive. It is romantic and primitive, grown up and feminine. There is an individuality and intuitiveness that is like an alternate way of living; carving out your own world and creating garments to survive within it.”

– Jonny Johansson, Creative Director

A unified vision of clothing with character and movement. Instinctive garments that feel long-worn and reworked.

Feminine dresses are eminently wearable, with seemingly naive diagonal construction creating a sophistication of flow.

Striped shirts are as if constructed from panels of re-purposed cloth, the differing direction of stripes creating its own accidentally geometric pattern.

Roughly-stitched knitwear has charm, with threads left loose and hems following their own natural line. Ribbed knits are perfect for layering and warmth.

Tailoring is turned back-to-front, then evolved into long gowns that are almost monastic.

Floral prints are combined like a random bouquet on a variety of fabrics, from corduroy to silk plissé. Floral tunics are paired with matching flared pants, worn with a shearling printed like acid moss.

Outerwear in suede has been waxed and treated to look like a material that has endured. Buttoned coats are lean, as long as the dresses beneath.

Jewellery is first moulded in clay, then created in metal and enamel. The lenses of eyewear have been cut into unique asymmetric shapes.

The heels of shoes are as if ceramic, the squared-off pointed toe like a pouch for the foot. Large leather bags have wide leather straps that are held by graphic knots.