GUCCI: New watch line

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 23 July, 2018

For three years in the Instagram creative scene GUCCI has collaborated with projects where artists play with the grounds of the house, Gucci has published and promoted special works through a series of hashtags.

                                                               ITALY. Gucci. Time to Parr. 

GUCCI chose to collaborate with Martin Parr, an artist known for his photographs that capture the daily routine in the city; In this way the nature of the time around the GUCCI watches is explored.

Martin Parr is a photographer known for capturing instant moments of people, transforming into a scene or situation in the film as a humorous commentary on human nature, rituals and sociocultural traditions.

                                                               ITALY. Gucci. Time to Parr. 

#TimeToParr is a project developed exclusively for Instagram and the first for Martin Parr. During his visit to GUCCI Places in search of people and scenarios corresponding to his ironic vision of life, he created a series of intimate and authentic photos. As in all Parr’s work, the protagonists of these images are unknown: they are anonymous in real life, that is, employees, owners and visitors Gucci presented Places. The visual record of this course reflects the love of life that animates Martin Parr, his cheerful passion for the unexpected, his fascination with the real, even for the almost grotesque.
The watches that appear in the photos are G-Frame, G-Timeless, the new Eryx watches by Gucci and The Wonders Market’s Secret Watch.

                                                         GB. England. Gucci. Time to Parr.