Valextra toasts to its 80th anniversary with a eclectic inspiration

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 24 September, 2017

Valextra celebrates its 80th anniversary, with a creative celebration of a year that gives life to the vision of the brand through a series of collaborations of design.
He began the celebration of his anniversary with Snarkitecure, a creative duo based in New York, who gave an interpretation of the novel to pure products and graphics giving way to a revolution of colorless color. Inspired by the structured and material-based approach of Snarkitecture. Valextra created a family of bags, the Passpartout, that merged the pristine leather craftsmanship with a diverse palette of skins.
This month, for Spring / Summer 2018, Valextra presents a collection of an ingenious beauty full of shapes and colors, titled Toothpaste, the collection combines the iconic leather experience of Valextra with the creative approach of the British designer Wood de Bethan Laura . Valextra worked with Wood to instill new life in the Iside, an iconic piece that fuses classic inspiration with a modern spirit, and the Passpartout, the latest addition to the collection, a bag with many functional identities.
Throughout the creative process, the designer also drew from a variety of references, which she channeled into her design for quality: the curved typography of French graphics M / M Paris, a canvas she photographed during her trip to the Netherlands Netherlands, logo of the 1968 Mexico Olympic Games and their interconnection gaming tables. These are the origin of the eclectic result, the parallel with the diverse, the set of cultural references and the aesthetic inspirations of Valextra.
For the Toothpaste collection, he invented a modular system applied to the handles, clasps and details in the Iside and Passpartout bags. It created 7 different handles and 4 closures for the Iside, as well as 3 pocket designs for the Passpartout.
A palette of dark colors from the 70’s is enlivened by stronger tones, with dark gray, olive green and white leather parchment along with fuchsia, saffron orange and teal.
In Valextra’s Via Manzoni, Milan’s iconic boutique, the collection is immersed in an atmosphere inspired by Paolozzi, an additional nod to extravagance of wood design. A space that enhances the new pieces with a tube like a snake that runs from the entrance to the back wall, transforming the space into a post-industrial environment.