Get insid ethe LOUIS VUITTON Croisière 2019 collection in St-Paul de Vence

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 28 May, 2018


The hill of the Gardettes was the place chosen by the brand LOUIS VUITTON to present its collection Croisière 2019.
A place with an art spirit, painters, sculptors manage to build an artistic utopia, taking as inspiration Aimé Maeght, art dealer, collector and lithographer.

The collection defines the strength of the personality, looking for references of old seams, the ambiguity of the blends draw new styles. Use a labyrinth, referring to a game inside fashion.

Grace Coddington collaborated with the Maison, known for the passion for animals, developing a collection of accessories: “I loved working with Nicolas and his team, I hope the dream comes true for Pumpkin, Blanket and Nicolás’ dog; really the case for me, our shared love for animals allowed me and Nicolas to establish a solid relationship beyond fashion “, mentional writer and designer.

The artist Woodkid offers a musical performance in the courtyard Giacometti, brought together the instruments invented by the Baschet brothers who, in the 50s, on their acoustic experiments, have created a family of sound structures, focused on the vibrations between glass and metal. Woodkid esruvo in charge of composing the soundtrack of the parade, where Jennifer Connelly lends her voice to read excerpts from “Grace: A Memoir” by Grace Coddington.

I’ve known this place for twenty-five years and I like to go there regularly.” It’s a beautiful family story, a special story of passionate gallerists who have invented a place of extraordinary exchange with all artists whose they were also friends and patrons, we see in the perennial works all this connivance and this artistic palpitation.It is a site intelligent, beautiful.A place that has the spirit and where facilities have a special relationship with the nature and seasons” Nicolas Ghesquière