We talk with the Creative Director of G-Star Raw

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 24 June, 2017

TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY: The first strong thing we can see with this new Collection is the difference between the classical G-star Jean and this Raw Research, what is it ?

Aitor Throup : When you think about G-Star you think about Denim innovation, you think about denim design, we are working for the body and as a designer Im always interested in the same things, in pushing the limit and focusing everything in the human body so what we wanted to do in this New research is to capture this essence of the brand and really push it to the future. The question is what Denim could be in theFuture ? When you think about Denim, how does that mean ? We wanted to create things so Denim but which doesn’t look like it.



PSD: With this collection, you say that your goal is to show a new way to work with Denim ?

A. T. : We respect the tradition of the Denim, we respect the tradition of Garments, military garments, utility garments, and in the general G-star collection, we are always bringing those things together, this is the part of the G-stat history. G-star raw has a specific connotation, it’s technical, it’s heavy, it’s utilitary, kind of serious and we want to be more chic, more soft, more couture with unlimited possibilities to re-event the Denim with a lot of different colors.

PSD: Why this collection is so Special ?

A. T. : The goal is for you to be you, to be real, to be yourself, we believe in power of people individuality and embarrassing everyone different, and the denim grows differently with people, Raw for us mean, real. This is a new way to brake boundaries of Denim, we want to show that this is about something more deep and unlimited that more than what we think.

Actually Now we are not talking about a simple Jeans, we clearly are talking about an innovation. Everyone knows the typical indigo color, but we adore other colors, thats’ a metaphore to asks what color do you love, what color represents you ? It’s a very democratic experience where you can find yourself. And with those 50 different colors, this is 50 choices.


PSD: For what Kind of people this New Jeans is made ?

A. T. : This jean is made for everyone, there is a lot of ways Denim can be interpreted, my work as detective is to propose and see opportunities from the color to transform and this is how you interact with the essence of the Denim. And with all of these opportunities, people are not going to find one jean, they are going to find the Jean made for them and which look like them. It’s about an emotional connection, that is real.

PSD: How can we call you now ? A Designer, An artist, a visionary ? All of them ?

A. T. : I don’t know, i like to investigate, I got one subject and I want to discover it more, I observe how people think, you know in industrualization, we standing with rules because of it, we limit creativity because of it, a lot of people think that there is just one way to create Jean, to create Tee shirt, i am on a psychologic approach.

PSD: Aitor, Can you tell me what or who is your inspiration ?

A. T. : My inspiration is Human evolution.