Technological solutions to promote equality between men and women.

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 15 June, 2017

Nearly 250 hackers have been challenged to develop technological solutions to enable girls of school-age refugees to access quality education when they are unable to school. Yesterday were announced the winners of CHIMEHACK 4, a two-day hackathon hosted by CHIME FOR CHANGE in partnership with Gucci, Global Citizen, Facebook and Kleiner Perkins. This event is part of a series of actions that exploit the power of technology to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges for girls and women.

Gucci founded CHIME FOR CHANGE in 2013 because it wanted to find innovative solutions to promote equality between men and women around the world, and our flagship series, CHIMEHACK, is a very effective way to achieve this every year” , “This year, several creative ideas that have been proposed to us are likely to make a real difference in the lives of refugee girls. In addition, we were particularly proud to announce this week at CHIMEHACK 4 that Gucci has partnered with UNICEF to fund the new Initiative for Empowering Girls, which aims to develop Transformers for teenage girls. ” -Susan Chokachi, CEO of Gucci America.


From among 50 candidates, seven winning teams were selected:

PictHerEsque, an reality application to overcome the language barrier for refugee girls on the road, won the Gucci-sponsored unique Concept and Originality Award with a reward of 5,000 Dollars and tickets to the 2017 Global Citizen Festival.
Madeleine, a conversational agent who anonymously provides sexual and reproductive health education and assistance for refugee girls of college age, won the Social Welfare Award, sponsored by Facebook, for using Better Facebook platforms in order to improve the effects of technology.
Mama, an application connecting skilled health professionals and refugee mothers who can express themselves in their mother tongue, won the Citizen of the World Award, sponsored by Kleiner Perkins, with a reward of $ 5,000.
Grow Together, an online application linking refugee girls and mentors, won the Best Product Award, sponsored by Hearst Magazines, with a $ 5,000 award.
Sheacher, an SMS application and service that makes education and emergency resources readily available to refugee girls, won the Young Innovator Award, sponsored by Chegg, with a reward of $ 5,000.
DASH, an application that integrates information on local schools and training institutions to help refugee girls on the road, won the Enjoy-Sponsored Connection and Integration Award with a reward of 5 000 dollars.
EmpowerPods, a solution that creates and maintains a cohesive community of refugee girls to help them continue their education, won the LifeStreaming Through Life Learning Award, sponsored by A reward of $ 5,000.