Tomasini talks about his exciting own "new" life in the luxury market.

by JACQUES BURGA, photography by CLEMENT VIDON | 29 March, 2017


 Emmanuel Tomasini is ready to take Paris under its brand new Tomasini Paris signature traduced in Luxury accesories. We had a rendez-vous at il Gelatto del Marchese in Paris Rive Gauche as this italian-french talented tastemaker talks about his “new” creative life on his french eyes with italian hands.



Paris Social Diary: How are you these days in general?
Emmanuel Tomasini: These days, I guess everything are fine for me. I’m very happy, what happens to me now is very exciting and very positive, so everything is fine!


Paris Social Diary: I know that you have been working for example with Giuseppe Zanotti?
Emmanuel Tomasini: I don’t like to mention any names but, I have worked for many different brands in my “previous” life, mainly Italian brands.


Paris Social Diary: So, do you consider this a change of life?
Emmanuel Tomasini:  Yes, totally. Especially because first I was depending onothers and now I’m depending on me. That’s a really big change, but the job still the same.


Paris Social Diary: What makes you decide to change?
Emmanuel Tomasini:
I was thinking a bit about that and live my dreams life. Actually it were only circumstances, it was the natural way, it happens by coincidence. I decide to launch a brand and so i did it. And I decided to do bags because I really love bags.


Paris Social Diary: What are your favorite contemporary artist?
Emmanuel Tomasini: I like Joseph Albers.


Paris Social Diary: How is your routine, your everyday life at Paris?
Emmanuel Tomasini:
I don’t have any kind of routine, I’m always changing. My new life is very connected to my work . In term of jobs my past and my new life are kind of the same. But my way of life is what have change, I’m doing a lot of things by myself, I’m really a bit control freak.





Paris Social Diary: How do you feel after create your band in 2015 and then won the ANDAM next year?
Emmanuel Tomasini: I was very proud, it’s a very prestigious prize for the entire industry of the fashion world. So, at the begging I was not really obsessed but then, they contact me and explained me the qualities to postulate, so I did it. I didn’t expect to do it, but when I decided it I was very involved, so I work to win it.


Paris Social Diary: You started a brand a year before you won the prize. Do you consider this somehow helps you to create the brand and then to won the prize?

Emmanuel Tomasini: Since the beginning of my previous life I love the materials, the colors, the luxury objects, it was my personal taste. When I start to create something the personal taste comes deep from me. I don’t do any concession for the taste, only what I like and how I want to see it.


The Banana bag from the Tomasini Paris Spring 2017 collection


Paris Social Diary: What are those elements which makes the difference from your old and new life?

Emmanuel Tomasini: Once again, the difference between my previous and my new life are that I don’t depend in anyone, now I only depend in myself.


Paris Social Diary: How do you describe the TOMASINI Paris woman?

Emmanuel Tomasini: Light dreams. Its a cool woman, its a regular woman. There are different type of costumers: the cool girl, the trendy girl, models, superstars… The accessories are very versatile.


Paris Social Diary: Do you like the fact that someone can wear it everwhere, everytime?

Emmanuel Tomasini: I like instant classic. I don’t want to do bags for my personal closet, the real goal is that woman can wear it. I like the idea that many girls can carry one Tomasini bag.




Paris Social Diary: What does made in Italy means to you?

Emmanuel Tomasini: I have the french culture. My story and my life is in Paris, in France, my actual living. But also, indirectly there is Italy. My father is italian, and that was why I wanted to produce in Italy. Thats really important for me, I feel Italian when I am there and french when I am here, in Paris.


Paris Social Diary: What’s your favorite vacation destination?

Emmanuel Tomasini: India. I also like South america and Central America. It is very fun, I had been there so many times, in all the countries.

What I like is that it is very exotic, because of the mountains, the sea, the nature in general, the food. I also love the brazilian architecture, I had been in Brazil, I’m a fan of Oscar Niemeyer.



Paris Social Diary: What are the plans that you have for the brands in the upcoming years?

Emmanuel Tomasini: First to globe the brand, its still a baby, I have many plans, I want to start producing hats from Ecuador. I want to do different things, I have different projects in which I’m still working.


Paris Social Diary: Have you though about creating fashion clothing?

Emmanuel Tomasini: No, I like the clothes but I don’t like to create them, I prefer the accessories. Mostly, because I am a traveller and when you travel you need easiness, I need accessories to carry all my things,


Paris Social Diary: Have you though about creating a project besides fashion?

Emmanuel Tomasini: No, not really.


Paris Social Diary: Why did you choose Abruzzi to create the accessories?

Emmanuel Tomasini: It was coincidence, Abruzzi it’s a coincidence. I found very interesting projects, new technic and different things.



Paris Social Diary: A clutch or a purse?

Emmanuel Tomasini: Maybe a clutch


Paris Social Diary: French eye or Italian gems?

Emmanuel Tomasini: Both



Jacques Burga: Nightwear or daywear?

Emmanuel Tomasini: Whatever


Jacques Burga: Dogs or cats?

Emmanuel Tomasini:  A monkey or maybe a tiger