Rental Gallery & Adam Cohen celebrate Oliver Clegg: EUCLID'S PORSCHE

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by Collins Nai | 3 May, 2018

                                                       Oliver Clegg

Rental Gallery & Adam Cohen celebrated, last May 1st, the exhibition of the independent artist Oliver Clegg in Brooklyn, New York, with a dinner in the center of Fat Rabano.
Various designers, including celebrities and influencers in the art world, gathered during the Friezze Week were invited to the event.


                                                             Dinner at Fat Radish

Some of the guests at this event we can mention Sienna Miller, TK Wonder, Cipriana Quann, Peggy Siegal, Nicole Miller, Tali Lennox, Tara Summers, Duke Herriman, Sarah Hoover, Adam Cohen, Michelle Hellman Cohen, Oliver Clegg, Marlies Verhoeven, Darren Bader, Casey Fremont, Jean Doumanian, Anna Karlin, Joel Mesler, Natasha Chambers, Thistle Brown, Rebecca Dayan, Helen Schifter, Sophia Brous, Shari Loeffler, among others.


                                        Sienna Miller

                                       TK Wonder, Cipriana Quann

                               Rebecca Dayan, Sienna Miller, Peggy Siegal, Jean Doumanian

                                                                   Peggy Siegal, Helen Schifter

Marlies Verhoeven, Casey Fremont, Michelle Hellman Cohen, Shari Loeffler, Dan Tanzilli

                                                    Joel Mesler, Oliver Clegg, Adam Cohen

                      Jenna Kahn, Jacq Tatelman, Michelle Hellman Cohen