Photographer savvy, Make-up guru and Artist by heart, Kathy Le Sant is a living parisian proof of timeless talent.

by Sergio Corvacho, photography by Jacques Burga | 3 June, 2017


Work and Talent makes the person. And not viceversa. We visited french Kathy Le Sant studio in the city of light to get the best of the news she has for the parisian Art and Photography scene these days.  What did we get? A lot of inspiration and appreciation for deep creative ventures ahead, including her upcoming project on actress Jeanne  Balibar.


Paris Social Diary What makes you  create the collaboration with Jeanne Balibar? How did it started?

Kathy Le Sant: I met the actress Jeanne Balibar in 2003. At the time, I photographed her for a magazine and well, I also did the make-up, she liked it very much because she called me back for a project with Philippe Katerine. And since then, our collaboration never ceased in make-up and photo.


Paris Social Diary: What are the creative elements that you include in your photo project?
Kathy Le Sant: The project for my exhibition goes around the artistic collaboration that I made with Jeanne Balibar in terms of make-up and photography around her in an invented universe.



Paris Social Diary: How long have you been doing photography, and how did you started?

Kathy Le Sant:  I have always been passionate about photography so naturally I always did and it started with my family and my closer entourage.


Paris Social Diary: How do you stay focused, since you play important roles in different aspects of you professional life?

Kathy Le Sant: You get the impression that I do many things at the same time but it is false. I stopped six years my job in make-up to devote myself only to my various personal projects about photo and paintings. After that, then when I resumed make-up in 2013, I stopped my personal projects.
At this moment it is true that I prepare this exhibition on all my artistic work that I do with Jeanne Balibar. Social Networks help me to show my universe, then I show everything I do.



Paris Social Diary: Describe your technique

Kathy Le Sant: I am a person who works by instinct. Everything must be spontaneous at the time I do things.

Paris Social Diary: How do you see yourself as a artistic photographer within the next five years?

Kathy Le Sant: I do not know because life invents itself every day.



Paris Social Diary: Tell us about your Cannes film festival participation and tell us about Jeanne’s film and how did you collaborate in that?

Kathy Le Sant: I went to Cannes to make up Jeanne Balibar for the presentation of the film “Barbara” directed by Mathieu Amalric. On this film I participated in the make-up design with the official make-up artist of the film.


Paris Social Diary: What do you think of the digital invasion in the world of audiovisuals an communications? Do you see it as a threat or as help to diffuse your work?

Kathy Le Sant: I do not know anymore because there is too much information everywhere and it prevents refocusing sometimes. Our mind needs calm I think.



Paris Social Diary: Who is your favorite artistic photographer and why?

Kathy Le Sant: There are several of them. Diane Arbus, I have a lot of photo reportage for memory.



Paris Social Diary: Digital or film

Kathy Le Sant: Both with a special preference for film



Paris Social Diary: What is your aesthetic overall?

Kathy Le Sant: Simplicity