When business meets Style and a bunch of yachts. Have you met Tommaso Chiabra yet?

by team Paris Social Diary, photography by Jacques Burga | 23 October, 2018


Describe your job in three words
Adrenaline / Exhilarating / Fun

Royal Yacht Brokers, how come this idea came reality?
The idea evolved soon after completing my studies when I rented an office where I would just go to brainstorm with my business partner on how to make a company from our skillset and network.

Eventually, we developed the idea, I was immediately attracted by the luxury business and understood quickly that the yachting world was one of high interest and popularity. Therefore, I studied the demographic intensely and saw that yachting was the fastest growing industry in size and volume, with higher margins in comparison to all other intermediary / brokerage services. Following this, I learnt how a yacht floats in water.

Describe a day in your life at work
I wake up very early every day, starting with a morning workout routine to kickstart my metabolism and brain. I check up on daily affairs with breakfast, then I go to the office to check in with my team and run through the tasks of the day. Occasionally, I will order dinner at the office and go home at night, I refuse to leave tasks incomplete…

Where your clients come from mostly? How do you get new ones?
My clients are mostly of American nationality, (America gains 1,700 new millionaires everyday according to an article), until recently we had many Russian clients, tomorrow we could have an abundance of Asian clients, as the market is constantly changing… This is due to the shifts in government, stock market and world economy, which is our main indicator in discovering where our future clients can be found. There are 250 new billionaires in the world annually, these fortunes waiting to be nurtured into buying the ultimate expensive toy available, the super-yacht.

What do you like the most of your job?
What I like the most, is the competition. You cannot imagine the shark tank that is this industry when it comes to selling floating properties for hundreds of millions of euros. My least favourable… Bureaucracies! Due to it being a very ‘old-schooled’ industry, sometimes my innovations cause a little too much disruption. Consequently, I need to fight
for the changes I want to bring to this industry.



You’ve been working with UNICEF since a while ago, why did you choose this
organisation among others?

Before UNICEF I supported many different charities and causes. UNICEF fights for every child’s concern. I believe that our world lies in the hands of our children. We need to save them and ultimately educate them so that we may achieve a better planet for all. I am often called a “self-made” man, but after my recent trip to Africa I realised that I am far from it. We are so lucky to be born in clean hospitals, have access to clean drinking water, supplies, basic nourishment and precious years of schooling… Meanwhile, these people are all struggling and fighting everyday, in the hopes of one day becoming, “Self- Made”.

I saw with my own eyes how UNICEF works with local governments and really improves each one of these communities lives, even in the most extreme cases and farthest ones away in the middle of the jungle, where I have been myself and was deeply touched on how entering these villages with the UNICEF uniform the locals would call us the “ White Angels “.

After witnessing all these circumstances I think I have the moral duty to participate and put my skills to good use running a successful fundraising strategy, similar to what I have accomplished with my businesses.


What would you tell to someone that is thinking of joining UNICEF Committees?
Is it only for investors?
I would say it is indeed a big commitment, not to brag about your kindness and take pictures with the UNICEF logo, but instead, take concrete action to save lives. I put together a group of successful, Italian young people and collectively we are starting the NEXT GEN movement, unifying invaluable resources in preparation to commit for life.


Tell us a little more about the LVR x UNICEF event. How were you involved in
I am the fundraising chairman of the LVR x UNICEF event, which was in fact my idea when I joined back in 2016, while meanwhile making plans about how I would contribute to UNICEF.

With the Sardinia Gala in the forefront of my mind, I discussed with a few friends in the fashion world if they would be interested in joining forces in regards to this challenge and discovered in the process an extremely collaborative Andrea P. and Tommaso B. with LVR who joined the project from day 1 as sole sponsor and turned out to be outstanding and powerful partners throughout each and every detail of the event. It was such a pleasure to work so closely with them along the way and we are in fact currently working on the 2nd edition together.




Describe yourself in three words
Determined / Passionate / Dynamic. My motto is work hard, live fast, make a difference and
contribute positively to this world


Favourite menswear brand to wear yourself
Everything I wear is tailor-made courtesy of my secret Italian Tailor.


Monaco or London?
With such Seasonable locations I would have to say April to October in Monaco and London during the Winter time. I love to be surrounded by fast pace economies, instant access to meetings and being productive full time.


Best places to have dinner in London?
La Petite Maison, always makes me feel like I am back on the Cote d’Azur.

Usual destination for Summer vacations?
There is nothing like the Mediterranean Summer… Weekends sailing in Capri in June, several days in Greece in July and August spent in our beautiful Sardinia.




What are your plans for your enterprise for the future?
My plan is to continue to grow my holding company, acquiring more companies with social responsibility such as my current investments in Beyond Meat, Deep Green Mining and many others…

Would you consider working in a new industry?
I find that I work in many different industries already and I am discovering new found interests all the time, I am currently heavily looking into green economies.
I will never limit myself to one sole industry, we live in a very fast moving society where technology and trends can disrupt your business from one day to another. Therefore, I always suggest being ahead of the times, but also to diversify industries for a safe business portfolio.

Any future plans with UNICEF?
I will continue to fundraise for UNICEF with various campaigns, the idea is to be an example to many others such as myself, who have the potential to make a positive change in the world so that it may be a better place for our children.
I wish to be an example to many ambitious young entrepreneurs, to put their skills to good use to those who are much more in need.