We talk with Yasmine Eslami about her and her brand.

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by JACQUES BURGA | 5 June, 2017

We talk with Yasmine Eslami, owner of her boutique: Yasmine Eslami located in Paris. Her designes remain sleek, modern and sensual, it celebrates the natural form of a woman’s body, which suggest the role of underwear as outerwear.

TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY: Describe the Yasmine Eslami woman in three words?

YASMINE ESLAMI: She is free , tolerant and happy .


PSD: What does “sexy” means to Yasmine Eslami?

YE: Sexy means an attitude , a way of being .


PSD: What is it Yasmine Eslami has different from other lingerie brands?

YE: I m not sure is hard to say may be a  french attitude .





PSD: Why did you choose Jeanne Damas as your muse?

YE: She is the most beautiful and sexy french girl and she has her own style , she is a modern Bardot.


PSD: What can we expect of the new campaign with Eleonore Toulin, shot by Olivier Zahm?

YE: A very playful and colorful campaign.


PSD: What are your plans for the future with the lingerie brand?

 YE: To carry on 


PSD: Favorite dinner in Paris?

YE: Les 2 amis , rue oberkampf 


PSD: Favorite place to dance in Paris?

YE: La mano , le rex , l embuscade 


PSD: Describe Paris in three words?

YE: Difficult in three words ! : beautiful , grey , coffee