CARTIER opens a new boutique in Roppongi Hills, Japan.

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by Courtesy of CARTIER | 2 November, 2017



The new CARTIER Boutique in Roppongi Hills, Japan has nothing to envy to the already existent around Europe. a dazzling shade of champagne gold, white and beige strikes the eyes. The traditional stores are based around a heavy bronze, but Cartier boutique Roppongi Hills has moved toward lighter shades enhanced by the lighting, made of a special metal formed into a diamond-like shape, are arrayed in a grid, and spotlights can be directed freely according to the positions of the furniture on the floor and the items being displayed.

The Boutique has a salon with walls made of material featuring gold leaf custom-made in Kanazawa and sprinkled in a modern style, creating a tranquil, traditionally Japanese air of opulence. It has a frosted glass door that connects to another salon with hammered French mirror reflects light in an artistic fashion and, when the doors close, it becomes a private space.

Also, in motif of the 100 anniversary of the legendary TANK watch, CARTIER presents “TANK 100”, an event inspired by the watch and the way it has consistently presented a forward-looking vision over the past century.

The event’s main venue is “TANKOTHEQUE”, supervised by fashion director  Tiffany Godoy. What would happen if TANK had its own unique personality and visitors were able to penetrate inside its artificial intelligence?  At “TANKOTHEQUE”, they can  experience such a narrative as they virtually travel through TANK history, meeting iconic figures in other places and eras as if they were transported by a time machine.