Martine de Richeville inaugurates its ephemeral cabin

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 16 April, 2017


From May 15, Le Ritz Paris will house a cabin Martine de Richeville within its well-be. Martine de Richeville, the priestess of slimness in Paris, and  creator of the eponymous care invites to Ritz Paris, a mythical Parisian establishment with grandiose decorations, an intimate atmosphere and felted, which celebrates throughout the year worldly life and cultural life of Paris.

This year, the Ritz Paris has placed at the heart of its news one of main concerns of its demanding clientele, anxious to display a silhouette tonic and harmonious for the summer. De Richeville, the expertise, give punch to its silhouette, find a body tonic and sharpened, gaining speed, regaining a sublimated self-image, boosting self-confidence and lots of  benefits.

To celebrate this ephemeral cabin, the Ritz Paris offers its guests “The Slimming Getaway Martine de Richeville at the Ritz Paris”, a remodeling body Martine de Richeville, also access to the swimming pool of the Ritz Club Paris and a detox juice signed by Maisie Café.