“G” is for GUCCI and Gen Z

CHIME FOR CHANGE and Irregular Labs today released the second edition of the biannual The Irregular Report.

by team Paris Social Diary, photography by Gucci | 13 December, 2018

CHIME FOR CHANGE, the global campaign founded by Gucci in 2013 to convene, unite and
strengthen the voices speaking out for gender equality, works to build powerful connections to
encourage conversation, self-expression and meaningful action.

The biannual report explores different topics through the lens of girl and gender
nonconforming Gen Zs. It is produced with and by a global Gen Z community.
Gen Zs are living in a fluid world. They were born into a world with no binaries or borders, a world of
fragmentation and impermanence, of creativity, activism, purpose, and incredible possibility.

Topics include The Commitment Industry, The Fluidity of Feminism, The Importance of Genderless
Beauty, How to Build a Movement, Being the First U.S. Trans Prom King, Weaponizing Emotions for
Change, Artificial Intelligence and Fluidity, The Representation of Gender in Gaming, and My Life As A

Generation Z inspires me so much when it comes to their views and activism on gender,” said Tori
West, editor of the Gender section. “They don’t see all these binaries that structure older generations
and they’re constantly fighting against them in more creative ways.”
A link to the full Gender section of the Irregular Report on Fluidity can be found here: