Fancy FENDI or the new sneakers collection for him/her

by team Paris Social Diary, photography by Courtesy | 26 July, 2018

F means Fun, Fendi, Friends and, of course, Fashion!

7 young talents, who have crushed dancing world records, from “extra” voguing and breakdancing, to popping and “bone-breaking”, face a funky-battle on the FENDI rooftop in Rome, dancing with the Fancy Fendi sneakers.

Fishboy is a unique street-dancer and choreographer, while Stephane Deheselle is super-cool abstract-dancer and finally DeyDey, the first-ever female Popping Champion.

Music, talent and positive vibes in a competition where the Fancy Fendi sneakers take life embodying freedom of movement. So, put your headphones and sneakers on and get ready to embrace the freaky-beats!