It's City Steamer from Louis Vuitton (and you don't have to choose just one)

by team Paris Social Diary, photography by Courtesy of LV | 6 July, 2016

City Steamer in ini menthe, raisin, sky
City Steamer in crocodile emeraude
City Steamer in black, white, toffee
City Steamer "Super Hero".
City Steamer in crocodile red

The story begins  in 1901 when yatching was a trend in order to travel the world in a new modern kind of movement and absolut comfort. It was by then when la maison Louis Vuitton invented Le Steamer, a bag in leather on its basis to wear it everywhere anytime: the first soft bag is created

After Nicolas Ghesquiere’s hommage in Cruise 2016 colelction, it is now already a classic, adorned with all the advantages of a high quality craft bag.

Like any single object, it demands time to perfection and attention of leather workers who assemble
and make it hand-amde.

Sober in total leather smooth or grained calf, it also enjoys playing contemporary graphic design in bi-color, tri-color or the big chic rare materials …

The adventure continues and here we go: City Steamer!