"MARNI HAPPY MARKET" limited edition collection developed by MARNI

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 16 May, 2018


The new concept of MARNI is inspired by objects and styles of daily life, developed in the Marni Happy Market limited edition collection.
The focus on color and fun is clear, colors like yellow, orange, green, blue are predominant.



This edition can be found in the virtual boutique of Marni Happy Market, in this collection highlights woven bags, desktop baskets in the style of small houses or bags of trunks made of PVC and metal wires and sculptural cactus.



MARNI made collaborations with Colombian artisans, who have been working with the brand for some time. offers clutch bags and cup holders with new impressions that combine flowers with geometric motifs, aprons for children and adults, bronze and owl crystal keychains and sets of colored pencils.