Take an insider look into one of Vogue Italia's strongest voice and creative mind.

by team Paris Social Diary, photography by Jacques Burga | 6 October, 2017

It is a sunny hot day in Milan. Vogue Italia feels fresh-er than ever. A reborn. Alessia Glaviano, Senior Photo Editor and Web Editor in Chief of the magazine, is in the middle of the Fashion week madness as she tries to put up between meetings and editing the digital voice of Vogue.

In fact, besides getting ready for The Photo VOGUE Festival from 16 to 19 November in Milan,  the second edition this event that gathers talks, exhibitions and photography-related initiatives, Glaviano shares her best advice for the new generation of photographers while reflecting and working along with the new vision brought by Emanuele Farneti, the Editor in Chief: this is the New Vogue Italia. 


Paris Social Diary: How are you today, Alessia? What are your plans for today?

Alessia Glaviano: I’m good ! I have a meeting with Paolo Roversi in a while, so sorry but I don’t have much time.

Paris Social Diary: We would like to know about you first. What was your life like before VOGUE Italia?

AG: My studies were based in something completely different. It was Economics and Mathematics. At the same time my family was related to Art, so I grow up in this ambiance: between photography and painting.

After university, I decided to go to New York, where my dad used to live, and I wanted to try something more related to Art. That’s how I started working in the equipment room of Pier 59 Studios. I met all the best photographers and started assisting them. I am sure that you should start doing things when you feel you’re best at it. I wanna say this also for young people who are like “I don’t know what to do when I grow up“. No one knows that. You have to try things. and do things first. 

I understood that I was better at working with people from the other side. Meaning, being an editor. At that time, I was friend of Art & Commerce in New York. They were friends of Franca Sozzani, the editor in chief in that time of VOGUE Italia. Then, for personal reasons, I had to come back to Italy and it was a turning point in my life because I was turning thirty that year. I had an interview in Milan and I spoke to Franca, who I knew from before, she said “let’s try”. And that’s how i’m here!



Paris Social Diary: How would you define the new VOGUE Italia in three words?

A.G: It’s fresh, contemporary and with content


Paris Social Diary: What are the main differences with the new direction?

A.G: I would say that what Emanuele Farneti, our Editor in Chief, is doing is taking the heritage and take it to a different level. Keeping the imagery and quality but making it readable and having contents that are interesting from a journalistic point of view.


Paris Social Diary: What do you look for in new talents?

A.G: Vision. I look for a particular vision. Meaning that to me is important to see that someone has a very personal view, different from all the others. So it’s all about the consistency of the view that becomes recognizable.


Paris Social Diary: Favorite style in terms of vision?

A.G I love vision in 360 degrees. It could go from David Lachapelle to Harley Weir. The important thing is, again, the vision. So I’m happy with documentary photography but also the artistic one.


Paris Social Diary: How about the PHOTO VOGUE contest?

A.G: I am very happy with that. It’s a channel with more  than 140’000 photographers from all over the world. And I think it’s great because it gives people a window to be noticed. And sometimes we use some of them for VOGUE Italia.


Paris Social Diary: How would you define your personal style?

A.G: It’s understated.


Paris Social Diary:  What are you sources of inspirations

A.G: Everywhere. Meaning, from the news, movies, books, art exhibitions, TV shows. It happens everyday