Clear Caviar Nacré offers an infusion to your skin

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 3 June, 2017




La Prairie scientists has developed a unique formula that combats the three pigment defects. An infusion of Pearls Pearl Caviar Pear that illuminates and lifts the skin, an infusion of beads encapsulates a concentrated formula based on golden caviar extract and a stable form and liposoluble vitamin C. combined with the innovative DGA. This active ingredient regulates the production of melanin and limits Its diffusion in the skin, helps to find brightener skin and reduce brown stains, which is a powerful anti-irritant Which inhibits the formation of prostaglandin E2, a mediator of skin irritation in The origin of the redness. The co-As Infusion Caviar Beads of Pearl Shine Caviar Pearl Protects Skin against harmful particles. Its unique structure allows to enter the heart of the skin while protecting it from particles and heavy metals likely to damage the cells and tarnish the complexion.

Infusion of Pearls Pearl Caviar Pearl illuminates and firmens, the skin the brightness of his youth. The grain of skin is revived, the pigmentary spots fade while the future spots are neutralized before they even appear, firmness and elasticity are restored. It combines pleasure with the senses and efficiency. It targets the three large pigmentary defects that prevent the complexion.