CHANEL presents UV Essentiel

by COURTESY, photography by COURTESY BY CHANEL | 14 June, 2017

CHANEL presents a natural protection that adapts to the intensity of external aggressions. A new generation of UV ESSENTIEL, that stimulates the SPRR. This daily protection that preserve the beauty of women stimulates natural protection of the skin, for a daily defense that adapts to the individual needs of each woman according to the lifestyle, skin type, climate and seasonal changes. The Tiare flower was selected for its power of protection, its extract stimulates RPMS, and reinforces the integrity of the stratum corneum, its strength and flexibility.

Additionally, the UV ESSSENTIEL delivers a double protection, a specific combination of sunscreens, which protect the skin from rays UVB and UVA. Also, a formula, which acts as a barrier to protect the skin from environmental pollution. And an exclusive protective complex, which preserves in the heart of the skin the microphone environment of stem cells and DNA to strengthen the function barrier of the skin.