Lucia Pica presents Shadow Première

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY BY CHANEL | 13 June, 2017



Lucia Pica, Global Creative Designer for Makeup and Color of CHANEL, presents, for her first product creation, SHADOW PREMIÈRE, another vision of eye shadows. These Shadows are of all, intense in their effect, nuanced in their way of dressing, they allow to express all the creativity of the women.

To Lucia, the eye recognizes a vibration of the textures, a depth of the color field. The art of Layering is the most natural and the most sophisticated, it’s a professional technique that she wanted to decomplex in order to enter in the daily lives of women. For the first shade she imagines make-up with two specific textures, cream and powder, with which women can play infinitely to bring more intensity to the look.

The Shadow premiere also allows to experiment without limit, and to create your own style. The 24 colors are part of a collection that includes also two new brushes, pencils at the tender mine, and a gel eyebrows without material effect.

The shadow first texture long cream’s texture slips on the eyelid and fades to infinity thanks to its applicator. The secret of its softness and its slippery resides in a mixture of emollient oils. Their satin finish unites and dresses the look of a luminous veil for 8 hours of tranquility. On the other hand, the Shadow first  texture long powder, Its soft texture slides perfectly on the eyelid. Each tiny sphere rolls on the eyelid for a round texture, easy to fade. Matte, satin and metal finishes juxtaposed to create an echo on the eyelid and make the look for 8 hours.

The Shadows premiere are also accompanied by the Paintbrush Duo Contour Eras Retractable and Brush Retractable Eyelid Duo. Their fibers extremely soft, make each application easy, quick and easy to use. Another essential complement to give depth to the look is the eye pencil. The gel sourcils structure the look and its power of attraction, its conical brush precisely dresses the eyebrows.