Elegance beyond time

Louis Vuitton x Supreme: A dream come true, by Mr. Kim Jones for Fall 2017/18.

by TEAM PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 19 January, 2017

For Autumn-Winter 2017, Supreme and Louis Vuitton collaborate for the first time, creating a capsule collection of clothing, accessories and jewellery, showcased alongside Vuitton’s own.

The mood of collaboration inspires a bold new journey for Louis Vuitton. No New York City men’s conversation is complete without Supreme,says Kim Jones, Louis Vuitton Men’s Artistic Director.

The collection is an ode to the multitude of styles that co-exist and co-mingle in New York City.  This dynamic NYC culture of the seventies, eighties, early nineties became the starting point of excursion for the Autumn-Winter 2017 Louis Vuitton men’s collection.

What emerges is a new attitude and a silhouette of relaxed elegance: wide pants, an eased fit, a sense of the undone. Smart, but street-smart. Polished tailoring combines with workwear, the fabrics of Vuitton’s heritage of French luxury —silk, cashmere, vicuña, alligator cut into genuine utilitarian shapes.

Inspired by this fusion of two iconic brands, Louis Vuitton collaborates again within the collection – this time, with itself. The Louis Vuitton Autumn-Winter 2017 men’s collection is a comprehensive, exhaustive voyage, through every stylistic facet that comprises New York – then, now and always. An ode to the city’s friends and heroes.