Gucci partners with Colossal Media to make art on the streets

by PARIS SOCIAL DIARY, photography by COURTESY | 8 February, 2017

Gucci is pleased to announce its partnership with Colossal Media, a leader in handmade advertising wall painting, to create a large fresco on a wall of New York in 2017. The 230-square-meter wall is located in the heart of Soho on Lafayette Street between Prince Street and Spring Street. This “virgin canvas” is ideal

To highlight the unique beauty of advertising wall painting, a form almost forgotten art. The wall will first present a work by Jayde Fish, illustrator based in San Francisco, before hosting other collaborations throughout the year.

After that Guild’s creation director, Alessandro Michele, discovered the work of Jayde Fish on Instagram, he has incorporated several of his illustrations into the collection

This first fresco painted in six days will be unveiled on February 6 at the opening of New York Fashion Week and will remain visible until end of March.

To mark the event, an exclusive Snapchat geofilter created by Jayde Fish will be available near the fresco.