A new collaboration between Gucic and Maurizio Cattelan

by team Paris Social Diary, photography by Courtesy | 16 November, 2018

It’s the story of a dream.

The Artist is Present presents a selection of over thirty foreign and Chinese artists who will present at both in situ and existing works challenging the most sacred artistic principles of the era
modern: originality, intention, expression. In this age where everything is reproduced, nothing really keeps the aura of originality, which suggests the urgent need to overcome the old notion of counterfeiting in favor of a new way of thinking about copy as an indispensable tool for dealing with our society contemporary.If it is true that a life-size replica of the Sistine Chapel travels through Mexico and we’re hurrying to see her as a pop star on tour.

The Artist is Present can be seen as a manifesto based on the idea that the recognition of a work depends on the ideas it implies and not the simple visual satisfaction offered by an original work of art.

Imagine a world full of portraits of old masters, antique Roman marble busts, reliquaries of gold filled with hands and hearts of zombies, efflorescent carpets and colorful tapestries, of baby dragons and skulls of unknown creatures.

This dream is that of the visionary Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci. Like the poet, in the middle from the path of our life, he ended up in a dark forest. But the right way was not lost: he did it all simply never followed, deliberately choosing the road less traveled. On this path is a man, tall and slender, in jeans and tight T-shirt, salt and pepper hair, a Roman nose anchoring his perplexed long face: Maurizio Cattelan, indefatigable artist, suffering from a serious disorder of hoarding of images. The perfect sidekick.