Acne Studios presents its Women’s Fall/Winter 2018 collection

by Team Paris Social Diary, photography by Courtesy | 24 January, 2018

“I’ve always been inspired by those who make the active choice to live away from the city. It’s amazing to see creative people gain clarity of mind when they escape. This is about their wardrobe, which evolves to be its own language.” – Jonny Johansson, Creative Director 

Two key words: romance and practicality, that’s what Acne Studios came up with on this catwalk.

Silk was present in the floral dresses with each pleated cut to create borders. Organza shirts and apron dresses evoked wildflowers. Everything was part of an atmosphere of a passive nature.

Coats for the rain. Of blanket. Padded leather coat, exists for all preferences and with the purpose, of each one, of being a versatile piece in the personal collection of your buyer.

The pieces adapt to the environment, such as a sheepskin jacket with a tied knit collar and a ribbed knit tape to cover the waist.