The face behind BOSCAR

by SERGIO CORVACHO, photography by SERGIO CORVACHO | 19 June, 2017


Vicky Steckel, Dominican born and raised in New York City is the mind behind BOSCAR. She talks about the magic of her work, the universe, the experience of being the creator of a multimedia world that explores the artistic exchange of the painter, the aesthetics and the participation of unique souls on a long creative process that evolves into a magical living painting full of emotion and big splashes of color.


Sergio Corvacho: What is the meaning of BOSCAR?

Vicky Steckel: BOSCAR stands for the following: Background/Objective/Scope/Constraint/Art/ Revolution.


SC: How did BOSCAR start?

VS: It started about six years ago, During Christmas time, my brother and I were in the basement where I stored all my leftover paint from a body painting job in the Dominican Republic. After painting him, my brother was standing in front of one of the canvases and he totally blended in, and this how the visual experience of BOSCAR started. I decided that I wanted to do it again and again.


SC: It sounds like you have been painting for a long time. Has it always been in you?

VS: Yes, I started painting since I was a kid. I am self-taught. I‘ve always been a painter. I became a makeup artist and for some time I put my artwork on the side. I do love fashion and makeup, but painting has always been a part of me.


SC: Do you care about the movement of the paint?

VS: The paint is the essence of the process. Through the paint, I am able to get a sense of where to go next. First, we start with the background, then it’s the subject, and then more layers and layers as the paint starts drying. That’s why the longer the subject is able to endure being painted, the better the painting looks. It get’s richer and more interesting in terms of shape and texture. The movement is just one facet of the process.

SC: What do you use in terms of paint?

VS: I use a mixture of paint. As far as body paint, I am very fortunate to have been helped by the brands BEN NYE, MAC, and MEHRON. My backgrounds are then painted with acrylic paint.


SC: You recently took a trip to Peru. How did this influence you?

VS: This trip influenced my artwork through the rich and vibrant colors, textures, and the elegance of Peruvian culture.


SC: Are you still painting nudes?

VS: As I mentioned previously, my work is about layers and the movement of paint. At the moment, I’m experimenting with garments to add more layers and dynamism in my work. But I’m not excluding total nudity.


SC: How do you see yourself in the near future as an artist?

VS: To be quite honest, I can’t tell the future, but what I can tell you is that I plan to create and evolve as an Artist. Through BOSCAR, I’ve had the privilege of creating experiences with many individuals that have voluntarily shared their talents and essences with me.