A masterclass in Style, Creativity and Talent. A convenient approach into Benjamin Galopin's mastermind.

by Paris Social Diary, photography by Jacques Burga | 11 June, 2017

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Good-taste french emblem. All-time savvy fashion insider. Back then and today, Benjamin Galopin remains one of today most important taste-makers and creative minds. A journey between Fashion, Style and timeless freedom.



PSD: When did you start to being called “Galopine” and why?
Galopine: My friends called me Galopine to have fun, my last name is Galopin. I find it funny my feminized name. So, I kept it!

PSD: What did you learn during your days in VOGUE Paris and after at CR Fashion Book?Galopine: I was first an internet at Vogue Paris, where I met Carine Roitfeld. I was the first boy to do an internship in french Vogue! It was a great experience to start my journey in a magazine as mythical as Vogue.

I met a lot of talented people, I also immersed myself in the archives. It was fascinating and a little daunting, too. When Carine took over the editorship of the magazine years later I followed her. Carine brought a crazy audacity to Vogue: it was an incredibly exciting time!

I understood thanks to Carine that it was always necessary the audacity, a little madness and never to be satisfied with the facility. She always pushed the cork a little further. It was the same with the CR Fashion Book, when Carine decided to create her own magazine.

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PSD: What other activities you like to do besides Fashion styling?

Galopine: I have to say that fashion is not everything to me. I like Image in general. Photography fascinates me. I see a lot of expos and travel as much as possible. I love to hang out in Paris, I am a contemplative person.




PSD: What are your future projects?

Galopine: I continue to collaborate with Carine who has just opened a large office in Paris. It bubbles with ideas. I am extremely attracted to publishing. I also collaborate with many brands as a consultant.


PSD: What would be the elements that make your work as stylist as something unique

Galopine:  I have to say that in my personal imagery as in my work I am rather attracted by a certain “darkness”. It is my signature. They say some darkness is necessary to see the stars!


PSD:  What makes a gorgeous look?

Galopine: A fabulous look can exist thanks to a fabulous person! Above all the charisma and the elegance, the charm of a person is what makes him a “gorgeous” person.

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PSD: Do you think Paris and Fashion is the same today than before? If not where did all the glamour go?

Galopine: Paris as the fashion, have evolved and evolved. It is fortunately a permanent evolution, sometimes also a permanent repetition. Everything changes and nothing changes. Glamour never interested me, so I do not know where it left if it went away, anyway. I do not run after!


PSD: What was changed about Fashion today in 2017 and how that have changed you?

Galopine:  Fashion today is highly conditioned by the commercial aspects. An incredible number of collections every season to sell ever more and try to arouse ever more desire among consumers, a vicious circle that ended, I think, by creating lack of desire and boredom.

We must also make more and more images and false stars to sell all that. Social networks such as Instagram, for example, have also greatly changed our business!




PSD: Favorite Fall 2017/18 collection

Galopine:  Balenciaga impressed me a lot.


PSD: Favorite look from all times

Galopine:  The tuxedo Yves Saint Laurent, a great classic! And can also be a big coat in black gabardine of Yohji Yamamoto!

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PSD: Coolest café to go with friends in Paris

Galopine:  I am still and always a fan of Cafe de Flore that I adore!


PSD: Best place to go for vacations

Galopine:  At my friend Jean Noel in his sublime Riad of Marrakech. In his farm at the foot of the Atlas where he takes some privileged friends!


PSD: Favorite fashion icon

Galopine:  There are many but I was really impressed young, by Annie Lennox, her beauty her androgeneous looks.


PSD:London on Paris? Why?

Galopine:  Paris forever, I am a real Parisian on several generations, I love Paris to the full!